Attorney Caitlin Dennis at Lori Ferguson Law Firm, P.S. provides representation for landlords of all sizes, from owners of a single rental property to large property management companies managing hundreds of units.

Unfortunately, it is a reality of property rental that occasionally you may rent to a tenant who fails to pay rent, violates their lease, damages property or engages in criminal behaviors. When these circumstances arise, it can be necessary to remove these tenants from a property in order to protect your investment, reputation and ensure the safety of neighboring tenants.

In Washington State, landlords are required to use the courts to remove tenants who fail to vacate voluntarily. Washington State does not provide for any “self-help” remedies.  It is important that landlords understand the duties placed upon them by state law in order to avoid substantial penalties or exposure to civil litigation.

At Lori Ferguson Law Firm, P.S. we offer cost-effective advice on your legal rights and remedies, preparation of notices to tenants, as well as review of lease agreements. When necessary, we are prepared to file an eviction proceeding with the court. We offer reasonable, flat-fee eviction rates and affordable telephone consultations. Call (360) 906-1164 today to schedule an appointment.