Family Law

Families are flexible and fluid. They are the fabric that holds us together. When a divorce, separation or fight over the children looms, the stability of the family can be torn apart. During these difficult times, Lori Ferguson Law Firm PS provides exceptional family law representation to clients throughout Vancouver Washington, and Clark County.

Areas of focus for family law include:

Our knowledge encompasses all types of family situations, and we have developed our own approach to successfully handling cases in this area.

Pragmatism. In an area of law considered difficult due to the emotional nature, a pragmatic approach goes a long way. We acknowledge the emotional component by listening earnestly to our clients as they share their personal circumstances. We are effective representation for our clients because we respond with practical advice aimed at fitting the best option with each clients’ circumstances. Whether through negotiation, mediation or litigation, we recommend a course of action tailored to protecting your interests.

Responsiveness. Matters that affect your family — marriage, children, money — hit home perhaps more than any other issues. Clients come to our firm with questions and concerns and they want to know that we have answers and are there for them.

Versatility. Each family law client has a story different from all others. This means we pay special attention to the client’s individual needs and adopt an approach appropriately tailored. We influence the course and outcome of cases by strategically choosing when to collaborate and when to push harder. We encourage clients to reach agreements on their own, but litigation is unavoidable at times, and we are always prepared.

Initial Consultations

Contact us online or at 360-906-1164 to schedule an initial consultation. Our office is conveniently located near downtown Vancouver WA at 2220 H St. Parking is free in front of our building. Fees are reasonable and competitive, and we accept credit cards.